Mars. It was named after the Roman god of war. It's inspired tons of science fiction stories and here are some cool facts about it. 


Mars's surface is the most like Earth's. That's why we've sent so many probes there. But it wouldn't be a fun place to live, the temperature go between -255 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and you couldn't breathe the air. The atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide (95.3%), nitrogen (2.7%), argon (1.6%), oxygen (0.15%) and water (0.03%).

mars and earth


That being said, it's still our best hope for finding life elsewhere in our solar system. So we're looking as hard as we can right now.



Mars has two moons. Phobos and Deimos which are named after the sons of Mars in Roman mythology. 



Mars has the highest mountain in the solar system. Olympus Mons is 22 km high and 600 km across. Mount Everest is only 8.8 km high.


Mars get its red look because of all the iron oxide found there.
The pressure of the Martian atmosphere is so low that your blood would quite literally boil if you were exposed to it.
Mars comet
Each season is twice as long on Mars because it takes the red planet 687 days to revolve around the Sun.
Scientists believe that liquid water once existed on the Martian surface due to traces of minerals that have been found. And liquid water so far has only been found on Earth. So if we can find it on Mars then there's a good chance that life might be there.
mars probe


It does snow on Mars though. But instead of water, the snowflakes are made of carbon dioxide.



One day, humans will walk on Mars. NASA is making plans right now. But they aren't the only ones. SpaceX is a company founded by Elon Musk, he's the real life Tony Stark. His goal is to not only reach Mars, but to also terraform it so humans could walk openly and live easily. Can he do it? Well he's also the guy who created Pay Pal and the Tesla, so if anyone is going to do it, he will.

walking on mars

Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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