So during my incredibly random surfing sessions on the web I came across a rather interesting tidbit of information. The famous surrealist painted Salvador Dali had a pet ocelot named Babou. Now Dali was a weird dude, but having a pet like an ocelot it turns out isn't that uncommon. So here are some animals that you wouldn't think to keep as pets, but there are people who do just that...

1  Ocelot

Ocelots are also known as dwarf leopards. You can find them in South America, Central America and Mexico. And if you happen to watch the awesome show "Archer" then you know these guys are freaking cool.

Salvador Dali and ocelot

2 Tiger

I suppose Siegfried and Roy's Vegas show was just too popular and other people wanted to own these deadly animals. Oddly enough though, they are highly trainable and if you know what you're doing then you have nothing to worry about. Mostly...


3 Alligator

I relaly don't get why you'd want an alligator for a pet. They aren't exactly cuddly. But hey, whatever floats your boat.


4  Zebra

Zebras are actually similar to horses, you can even ride them. I suppose if you were a zebra rider that would make you a bad ass.


5  Skunk 

Now you're just asking for trouble. But it turns out they're actually really smart and demand a great deal of attention from their owners. Almost sounds like a dog, just a lot stinkier.


6  Wallaby

If you've even seen the cartoon "Rocko's Modern Life" then you are all too aware of how cool a wallaby can be. Just look at him! Look! 


7 Fennec Fox

They're technically related to dogs, have the temperament of a cat and are the most social of all the foxes. Meaning that of all the animals on this list, this is the one I would have as a pet.

Fennec Fox

 8  Squirrel Monkey

They only weight about two pounds on average, but they have really large brains for their size. But be careful, they spread their urine on their feet, hands and other parts of their body to help mark their path. If you have one of these as a pet, I would recommend hand soap, lots and lots of soap.

squirrel monkey

9  Hyacinth Macaw

This Macaw's beak is strong it can break apart cages. Sadly they are endangered because of dwindling lands and a lot die when they are captured for trading purposes.

Hyacinth Macaw

10 Chimpanzee

Of all the pets on this list, this ape might just be the most dangerous. They are highly intelligent, very territorial and they have been known to strike without warning. After all, we share about 94% of our DNA with them. And even more dangerous is that they have upper-body strength of almost five times that of a human's. Let's not even talk about all those Planet of the Apes movie either... 


So are there any animals on this list that you'd like to have as pets? 

Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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