In honor of Sawyer and Tyler's upcoming drunk collab I thought I would write about the influence that alcohol has had over the years. Remember, always read responsibly.

1  People have been making alcohol for at least 12,000 years. Meaning people have been getting drunk longer than civilization has been around.

booze collection

2 In fact, many historians believe that farming wasn't started in order to make food. Rather it was to produce the needed ingredients for making alcohol. Yes, booze was a greater motivator than food for ancient humans.


3 And this means that alcohol is responsible for the creation of civilization. More specifically, beer...


4 The term honeymoon comes from ancient Babylon. It was tradition for the father of the bride provide the groom with a month's worth of mead. The month the alcohol lasted for was called the "honey month". This eventually turned into "honeymoon". 


5 Vikings drank too, of course. But instead of a mug or something as lame as that, they imbibed their booze from the skulls of their defeated enemies. Now that's bad ass.

viking warriors

6 Why did the Pilgrims decide to stop at Plymouth Rock? Simple, they were running low on booze.


7 Frederick the Great, king of Prussia, thought that alcohol was so awesome that he attempted to ban coffee so everyone would drink liquor instead. Talk about an enabler.


8 Winston Churchill’s mother actually invented the Manhattan cocktail. It's made with whiskey and sweet vermouth.


9 In 1964, bourbon was declared to be the official alcoholic drink of the United States. Who decided this? Congress.


10 And here is the most important fact. There are 13 minerals that are absolutely needed to sustain human life. They can all be found in alcohol.

frank the tank

And there you have it, alcohol has been a very important driving force in the history of humanity. So on that note I leave you with the immortal words of Homer Simpson. "To alcohol, the solution to and cause of all of life's problems."

Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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