Who doesn't love a good holiday? But have you heard of these ones? Well you're about to! And yes, even it's not actually said, it's heavily implied that all of these celebrations involve alcohol in some way. Obviously.

1 La Tomatina (Spain)

This crazy festival is held on the last Wednesday of every August in Bunol near Valencia. Thousands of people pelt each other with tomatoes over the course of an afternoon. Sounds like a fun time.


2 Up Helly Aa (Scotland)

On this holiday people gather in Scotland to dress up in armor and carry weapons. That's not so bad right? They also run around with torches and drink, a lot. It takes place in the middle of winter to mark the end of yule season.


3 Straw Bear Day (England)

A a grown man dresses up in a costume made of straw and dances for beer and food. Yep! After he is finished, they burn the straw. Don't worry, they take him out of it first. This holiday is held every first Monday after Twelfth Night in a British town called Whittlesea.


4 The Battle of the Oranges (Italy)

Similar to La Tomatina, but this time they chuck oranges at each other. At the Carnival of Ivrea the competitors (up to 10,000) line up and throw oranges at other men on horse-pulled trucks who roll past. It takes place in February depending on when everyone is in the mood.

battle of oranges

5 Tinku “Punch Your Neighbor” (Bolivia)

Here people dress up and beat each other up. It's usually the men who do the fighting, obviously. The origins date back to when the native population worshiped Pachamama, an incarnation of Mother Nature. It's held in the first few weeks of May.


6 Salon du Chocalat

It's freaking chocolate! And it's not so much a holiday as it is an October trade fair for the chocolate industry. I'm sorry but if there's chocolate underwear involved, then it's a holiday! It's been held usually in Paris, but lately it's moved around to countries like Japan, China and Russia.

salon chocolate

7 Basler Fasnacht (Switzerland)

This festival on the Monday after Ash Wednesday precisely at 4:00 am. It lasts exactly 72 hours. The participants run around the city dressed in a variety of costumes to the rhythm of drums. It's very important to the tradition that the people remain anonymous.


8 Cockroach Race (Australia)

On January 26, the same day as Australia Day, people watch cockroaches scuttle around attempting to win races. Okay who are we kidding, it's just an excuse to drink and party. Nothing wrong with that.

cockroach race

9 Monkey Buffet Festival (Thailand)

On this day, the last Sunday of November, people pay homage to the monkey king Hanuman from the Indian epic Ramayana. They do this by feeding them tons of fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes it's good to be a monkey. Right George?

monkey buffet

10 Peeing Day

This holiday could take place in only area of the world. New Jersey! It's okay I can joke about Jersey, my dad's from there. Which would make me half-New Jerseian right? But seriously, this holiday actually commemorates a victory during the Revolutionary War. American soldiers drove British troops out of Princeton and for some reason it involved them allegedly peeing all over the Redcoats. Who knows if this is true, but every second Saturday of March, people in Princeton engage in excessive urination to show off their patriotism. There was a lot wrong with that last sentence wasn't there?


Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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