Well I suppose "insane" is really more a state of mind. In this these people were just really bored I think and wanted to do something unique.


1 Most milkshake dispense from the nose 

So Sawyer claims to make the world's best milkshakes. That was until we found about a guy by the name of Gary Bashaw Jr. who dumped mixed milk and chocolate power in his mouth and then proceeded to mix it around in there. He then poured out 1.82 ounces through his nose into a cup.  I wonder how it tasted afterward.


2 Most eggs cracked with one hand in one minute

Ross McCurdy was able to crack 32 eggs in one minute using only one hand. And he makes a mean scrambled egg. 


 3 Most Straws Stuff In Mouth

Simon Elmore decided to prove that he was awesome one and shoved 400 straws in his mouth which he held for 10 seconds.

Guinness World Records

4 Fastest sandwich made using only feet

Rob Williams made a bologna sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese and condiments using just his feet. It took a little less then two minutes.


5 Most Concrete Blocks Broken While Holding A Raw Egg

Joe Alexander broke 24 concrete blocks all while holding a raw egg in his hand. Why? Just cause he could!


6 Longest Time Spent Instant Messaging

For 96 hours straight (4 days) Norman Perez sat at his computer typing to set the first record in this category by messaging for 96 hours straight. I doubt anyone will break this record any time soon.


7 Most T-Shirts Worn At Once

 Jef Van Dijck was able to wear 227 t-shirts at once. I couldn't find out why he stopped there and didn't go for 228. Maybe he had already proved what he set out to do.

t shirts

8 Most Ice Cream Scoops Balanced On A Cone

Now this is just freaking awesome. Dimitri Panciera stacked 71 scoops of ice cream on a single cone. That treat would have given a hell of a brain freeze.

ice cream

9 Most beer bottle caps removed with teeth in one minute

Murali K.C popped off 68 beer bottle caps in a minute using only his teeth. He probably learned this in college.

open beer with teeth

10 Highest dinner party

Henry Shelford and his friends celebrated his 30th birthday by scaling a Tibetan mountain and had dinner at 6,805 m (22,326 ft). They ate caviar, duck, and birthday cake. Yum!

dinner party

I hope these interesting feats of human ability inspired you!

Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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