It's a commonly known fact that dinosaurs are freaking awesome. So here are a few tidbits that make them even cooler.

1 Not every dinosaur was big.

Nemicolopterus crypticus had only a wingspan of a little less than 25 centimeters. 

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 2 The mystery of the fake dinosaur.

I'm sure you've heard of the Brontosaurus right. Well good, because it never actually existed. It was actually an incorrectly identified dinosaur created by putting the head of a Camarasaurus on the body of an Apatosaurus. D'oh!


3 They were long lived.

Assuming a dinosaur didn't get eaten by another dinosaur, they seemed to live from 75 years to about 300. Scientists can't be completely sure about this figure, but they got this from studying dinosaur bones and running math on their size and metabolism.

dinosaur bone 

4  Can you name every species of dinosaur?

No one can, because there are most certainly many more species that we don't know about. We only know of the ones whose fossils we have found.

dino herd

5 Just how long is 65 million years?

This might blow your mind. The difference between when a T-Rex and Stegosaurus lived is actually longer than the time difference between when a T-Rex lived and present day. Whoa!


6 Dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded.

At least some of the of carnivorous dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded. This would have allowed them to move faster and remain more active in order to hunt their prey.


7 Mammals and dinosaurs lived together.

No, it's not what you think. I'm not saying that humans frolicked with the dinosaurs, but there were mammals around. Just rats and other ancient rodents. Hey we had to come from somewhere.


 8 Dinosaurs had feathers.

Yep, that's what a velociraptor probably looked like. But they can tell some dinosaurs had feathers because of the notches on their bones.

raptor feather

9 Dinosaurs are still around today.

Well not really, but kinda. See birds evolved from dinosaurs. So whenever you're eating chicken, just think, you might be eating a descendent from a T-Rex!

dino bird

10 Dinosaurs ruled the earth for a very, very long time.

We don't live very long and we don't really think about or are even able to comprehend just how long a million years is, let alone 100 million. Modern humans have only been around a few hundred thousand years and we've had civilization for maybe 10,000 years. That's really nothing when you think about it. Dinosaurs first appeared about about 230 million years ago and were the dominant life form on this planet for 135 millions years. Think about that number, 135 million. Can you even wrap your brain around that? Nope. So maybe next time you're sitting in a really boring class for an hour or you're on a bad blind date and you think you've been trapped forever, think about the number 135 million years and maybe that'll help pass the time a little faster!

 awesome dinos


Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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