Warning: the foods in this article are incredibly gross. Proceed with caution! Now who's ready to eat!

1 Casu Marzu

This is a "traditional" Sardinian sheep milk cheese. Okay so basically they let cheese flies lay eggs and let the larvae create an advanced level of fermentation. Yeah, disgusting right? Also it's not a prequestite to clear the larvae from the cheese before eating it. Some people do, some don't. The cheese becomes very soft from this process, almost liquid-like. They say the taste of this food scorches your tongue a bit and the aftertaste can last for hours.

Casu Marzu

2 Fried Tarantulas

They eat these in Cambodia. That's all I wanted to learn about this delicacy.

fried tarantula

3 Escamole

These are ant larvae that you eat. They get them from roots of Agave plants in Mexico.


4 Pig Blood

This Hungarian dish is prepared with onions and served for breakfast. Definitely not kosher.

pig blood

5 Sannakji

It's a raw Korean dish where live octopi are seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. Be careful when you eat this, their tentacles can choke you to death if they manage to get stuck in your throat.


6 Tuna Eyeball

I love sushi, especially raw tuna. But this... Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

tuna eyeball

7 Fruit Bat Soup

They eat this in Palau, Micronesia. I don't know why.

fruit bat soup

8 Cockscombs

Yeah...... Why, just why? Turns out that when people do eat these, they tend to be part of a recipe involving other parts of the chicken like their kidneys. Some people use them for garnishes. Still doesn't make me want to eat one.


9 Ox Penis

It turns out that people eat the penises of many other animals out there. In fact that's one of the reasons why tigers are nearly extinct. I don't get it either...

ox penis

10 Squirrel Brains

I had to end this list with an American food just out of fairness. It's a southern delicacy in places like Kentucky. Doctors have been warning people for years that they could get mad squirrel disease from eating their brains. But they still do anyway.

squirrel brain


Posted by Jonathan Cocco
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